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Thread: Why is ITunes software so awful?

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    Why is ITunes software so awful?

    Hi all,

    Unfortunately, due to my location in the world, Itunes is the only way I can buy and download music reliably.

    However, I find Itunes so tortuously bad and it is such a system hog too. Importing a compilation album is horrible too, as it separates all the songs into the albums they originally came from. There's lots of other stuff that annoys me about it, but those are my main gripes.

    Why is it so bad when Apple supposedly has a reputation for high quality products? Or is it just me?
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    Nice to hear that you support the artists you listen to (I always find it amusing when people try to justify piracy).

    Are you running a mac or a pc?

    I've noticed that iTunes runs particularly awful on windows machines. I've never had any issues on macs with it.

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    Hitman Jenkins
    It wouldn't surprise me that it runs better on Macs, it was originally designed for them, but I run Windows and it seems to work perfectly fine for me, I've personally not had a problem with compilations and it doesn't seem to be a system hog for me, mind you my computer is fairly new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitman jenkins View Post
    it wouldn't surprise me that it runs better on macs, it was originally designed for them

    You make me laugh.

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    I never use it ..

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    hey can it also run in windows??

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