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Thread: Doom Metal Discussion

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    Doom Metal Discussion

    Note: If you don't like darker music, you should probably avoid this.

    I know that being Ambient fans, there are some of you with Metal in your hearts who tripped over the Doom genre at some point or another. What I wanted to show off was some of the lesser known, less Death-oriented Doom bands who bring numerous elements to the table whether it be from Dark Ambient music, a little bit of Black Metal and Doom's slowest subgenre (Funeral Doom). I could go on a long, drawn out vent, but i'll save that and just show off some music I think some people here may enjoy. All the same, if you know about or like the genre, discuss that here as well. Here we go...

    "Ivory Artery"

    "In The Locus Of Bone"

    "Shred Of Light, Pinch Of Endless"

    "The Falls"

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    "Sonorous Howl From Beyond The Stars"

    "Upon The War-Torn Shape Of Cold Earth"

    Septic Mind
    "The Beginning"

    "The True Call"

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    I'm a huge metal fan, I'll check out some of those recommendations for sure. Love black/doom metal, particularly ambient/atmospheric stuff.

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    Boxcar Willy
    Huge metal fan here,

    Woods Of Ypres - Dragged Across A Forest Floor

    Woods Of Ypres - By The Time You Read This (I will Already Be Dead)

    ( I'm a Woods Of Ypres fanboy )

    Ahab - The Hunt

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    Bell's Worth
    Never heard of this sort of "doom" metal, though it's interesting...

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    Its nice .. im a metal fan <3

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    I've never heard of doom metal as well. It seems like a mix between metal and death metal without the lyrics?

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