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Thread: Favorite Ambient Albums: Your Top 5?

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    Favorite Ambient Albums: Your Top 5?

    JUST 5! This could be difficult for some...

    And if you absolutely cannot mention only 5, why not include some honorable mentions? And if you'd like, include some links too!

    My current 5:

    1) Hecq - Night Falls
    2) Blamstrain - Disfold
    3) Hammock - Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow
    4) Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country
    5) Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid

    Honorable mentions:

    Kettel - Volleyed Iron
    Deaf Center - Pale Ravine
    Marsen Jules - Les Fleurs

    (Note: songs may be missing or disarranged in album links)
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    No particular order, not strictly "ambient", and can't name just 5

    Tangerine Dream- Rubycon
    Tangerine Dream- Phaedra
    Tangerine Dream- Zeit
    KLF- Chill Out
    Space (Jimmy Cauty)
    Klaus Schulze- Irrlicht
    Coil- Black Light District
    Organum- Ikon
    Nocturnal Emissions- Invocation of the Beast Gods
    The Anti Group (T.A.G.C.)- Burning Water
    Zoviet France- Shouting At The Ground
    Social Interiors- The World Behind You
    Social Interiors- Traces of Mercury

    Fax label cds:
    Air I & II
    The Whole Traffic
    Sad World I & II
    A Day In The Park

    Eyeless In Gaza- Pale Hands I Loved So Well
    Various Eno
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    I'll probably go over the 5 album mark as well

    Jonsi and Alex - Riceboy Sleeps
    Fennesz - The black sea
    Robert Rich - Somnium
    Jasper TX - The Black Sleep
    William Bassinski - The Disintegration Loops
    Willamette - Always In Postscript
    Jullianna Barwick - The Magic Plac

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    I've posted a few blogs recently that talk about favorite albums of mine... this is by no means the full list, there are so many great albums. I've linked to my original blog post which has info on why I picked each album listed. I plan to continue picking favorite albums every 5th post of my blog.

    kinetoscope five :: 005 :: brief thoughts on brilliant albums - one

    Saul Stokes - Zo Pilots
    Vidna Obmana (Dirk Serries) - Surreal Sanctuary
    Max Corbacho - Ars Lucis
    Ishq - Orchid
    H.U.V.A. Network - Ephemeris

    kinetoscope five :: 010 :: brief thoughts on brilliant albums - two

    Radian - Juxtaposition
    Orbital - In Sides
    Brian Eno - On Land
    Basic Channel
    David Bowie - Low

    kinetoscope five :: 015 :: four brilliant piano ambient collaborations

    James Johnson & Robert Scott Thompson - Forgotten Places
    Bruno Sanfilippo & Matthias Grassow - CROMO piano and drones
    Harold Budd & Brian Eno - The Pearl
    Adam Williams & Leonardo Rosado - Take This Longing

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    Celer - Engaged Touches
    Vidna Obmana - The River Of Appearance
    Thomas Köner - Kaamos
    Sun Electric - 30.7.94 Live
    Tetsu Inoue - Ambient Otaku


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    Just five albums is difficult...

    Brian Eno - On Land
    Stars of the Lid - The Tired Sounds of
    Biosphere - Substrata
    Kammarheit - The Starwheel
    Deathprod - Morals and Dogma

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    Thank you for your suggestions, listening them right now,feel really good. Please, post some more great album links
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    Ok here's five other albums I love :
    Deaf Center - Pale Ravine
    Pauline Oliveros and Stuart Dempster - Deep Listening
    Rafael Toral - Sound Mind Sound Body
    Brian Eno - The Shutov Assembly
    Robert Rich & Alio Die - Fissures

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    Hi, I'm new. Here's my 5

    Stars of the Lid and their refinement of the Decline
    Brian Eno - Ambient 1: Music for Airports
    Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd - Before the day breaks
    A Winged Victory for the Sullen
    Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2

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    1 - Harold Budd & Brian Eno - The Pearl
    2 - Robert Rich - Trances / Drones
    3 - Byron Metcalf, Mark Seelig, Steve Roach - Wachuma's Wave
    4 - Roger Eno - Voices
    5 - Darshan Ambient - From Pale Hands To Weary Skies

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