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Thread: New Track - an excerpt from things I'm toying with

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    New Track - an excerpt from things I'm toying with


    I've got a little snippet of something I've been working on - it's actually a pared down mix (and only a few minutes) but I enjoyed it so much, I thought I'd share it as it's own track

    Feedback is appreciated - but it's more important that you just enjoy.

    But what really chaps my butt is when people post self promoting links with no effort to inform us all what they were thinking, or how they did it, or even what it means to them...something, anything LOL

    So to set my own paltry example, I use Omnisphere with a Novation Nocturn into Live. I've got a Native Instruments (something) soundcard with reasonable latency (not good enough to get the latency without a few pops and clicks).

    I've got a 4 year old AMD QuadCore that's perhaps not fast enough these days, I can get about 6 instances of Omnisphere before irritations begin.

    I really enjoy long tracks, but seldom have a place or time to share them, so I often give into temptation and cut out shorter tracks for release - so I really need to buck up, slow down and let something really breath over 10 or 15 minutes

    I'm trying. Sometimes I feel like 'I've said what I want to say' in 3 minutes - but that's punk (even a little rock and roll) and it's my goal to make a 15 minute track that actually needs to be that long, not just because it's hypnotic, but because sometimes (if we adhere to the 'furniture music' idea) you need a big couch to lie on.
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    Beautiful! I love your work and enjoy your posts. More please. XP

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