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Thread: Your go to softsynth???

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    Your go to softsynth???

    Just getting a feel for your go to synth vst's for making your stuff. At the moment I'm strictly in the Ableton Suite box plus a couple of free Vst's bur hope to pick up Omnisphere before the year is out.

    So any other softsynth reccommendations??

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    Native Instruments Absynth.

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    For good Science Fiction type sounds check out Hollow Sun

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    Reaktor is a deep instrument for sure. Every time I feel I've seen it all, I find more crazy interesting things for it in the factory library, or the user library.

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    I agree....Absynth!

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    I tried a lot of vstI, and found most of them are - to my tastes - crap ; either because they don't sound right or because they just sound so clean/polished/generic. That's why I don't use Absynth anymore, it just sounds like everyone else... I like "typical" sound sometimes, but of the vintage sort. Anyway, here are some soft synths I still use with great pleasure, some of them are free :

    - mellotron emulations : redtron, tapeworm
    - music boxes : necromare vstis are very good for realistic "music boxes" sound
    - classic korg emulations (ms20, polysix)
    - Phonec (this one is at the same time fat and quite unpredictable, which is good, too many instruments always sound the same...)

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    I'm a huge fan of Camel Audio Alchemy.....basically a sampler, but has a built-in list of waveforms to load up for virtual analogue capability....4 "oscillators".....deeeeep modulation capability. Love it.

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    Ambient Indigo
    Definitely Omnisphere for me ...

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    nebula nova
    Absynth, Gladiator, anything U-he..

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    Albino 3 <3

    It has such an amazing sound.
    4 oscillators, 2 filters, 4 LFO's, really good mod matrix and upto 4 layers and great effects.

    It's perfect for almost everything. I make basses, pads, effects, leads etc with it and it's been my go to for years.

    I find myself still using it as much as I do my Virus and it's 10% of the price.

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