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Thread: Using Iphone Apps as serious synths.

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    Using Iphone Apps as serious synths.

    Anyone had any luck in using Iphone apps in their ambient productions?? Ive had Bloom, Trope and Nodebeat for ages but have only really seen them as gimmicks. But, I recently saw on Youtube a guy integrating Nodebeat into his DAW. So the question is have any of you managed to get iphone output into your tracks?? If so which apps and how did it fit with your workflow??

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    iPhone hasn't been awesome for me in that regard, but the iPad has been somewhat useful. I've used the MS20 synth from Korg - Animoog from Moog in some stuff as well. I've just had Eno's Scape for a week and I've been liking it - tempted to use some of it in compositions but I feel as though I shouldn't for some reason.. not sure. It's not driven "enough" by user input to make me feel in control of the creativity. That said - its lots of fun and the sounds are, of course, lovely.

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