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Thread: Anyone heard of Pretty Lights here?

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    Anyone heard of Pretty Lights here?

    Hey everyone,

    I joined this forum today and thought I would start my interaction with with a new discussion.

    Is there someone on this board who has heard of Pretty Lights? I heard him a couple of times before and today I watched his new upcoming song video from the album ‘A Color Map Of The Sun’ song labeled as “Around The Block”.

    How do you like this experimental genre?

    You can watch it here

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    OTH Radar
    Being from Colorado I've definitely heard of Pretty Lights. He's not bad.

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    I am also new to this board, joined today. Definitely heard of Pretty Lights. Although I am an avid record collector I can honestly say that while I appreciate what Prety Lights does I'm not the biggest fan of theirs on record. However, I have heard with a live drummer their live show is fantastic.

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    This is excellent, but not ambient music. I'm going to move it to the non-ambient section.
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    I love them. They make great music

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    i remember i heard about him while i was still a Russ (norwegian version of graduate, we basically just party from 1. of may to the 17th of may) and his mashup of radiohead and nirvana were played over and over again! realy cool music!

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